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From Andrew Langer:

Senators Landrieu, Lincoln and Stabenow held a press conference yesterday to discuss impact of health care bill on small business – so I went.  I had a statement to pass out, but was sitting there talking with some folks when I was asked to leave.  They kicked me out!   Here’s part of the statement I put out.

“This is an outrageous attempt by the Democrats to silence the small business owners, who are the backbone of our economy, and who would be unduly hurt by this legislation.”

Smart Reform

This is a critical week for small business owners in the health care debate. Senator Harry Reid is still trying to buy the 60 votes he needs to force a vote on the bill. Small business owners must take action to be heard. This legislation would cripple the engine of our economy – the small business – and stunt any economic recovery.   Reform must be SMART reform, and this isn’t it.

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KSBH ads up TODAY. Nelson of NE, Lincoln, Dorgan. Watch the ads at.

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